Friday, September 4, 2009

Skateboard Art

Here's a new skateboard design that I just finished. I'm going to be adding it to a shop that I am opening over at Artsprojekt. I'll put all the details about the shop on my blog once it's officially open.

It was nice to work on some personal art since it seems like all I've been working on lately is commercial art. Feels good to really get to flex the creative muscle with a good ole' kick ass board design!! :)


Leisl said...

Really nice!

Crystal Wall Lancaster said...

Thanks Leisl!!! :)

SaschaEh said...

Good work! not just this but all the recent stuff!



Crystal Wall Lancaster said...

Thanks Sascha! It's been a hard summer to find time for my personal work...but it's starting to pick up again now. Hope you've been well! :)