Thursday, March 26, 2009

Future Artists of America!

A few weeks back I received an email from a lady named Kristen Robertson who teaches kids in grades 4 through 8 in a school in Phoenix, Arizona. She came across my artwork and asked if I would like to participate in a Question/Answer type session via Skype with some students from her school. Of course I thought it would be an awesome opportunity, so I agreed. We had the session today and I had a chance to chat with the class as well as, see some of their awesome artwork! It was super fun and I had a great time answering their questions and hearing their opinions on my art....ehehe...they were a little bemused by the long necks which I though was great! Here's a snapshot that I took of the kids with Skype:

I wanted to thank all the kids for their awesome questions and for giving me a few good laughs! Thank you to Kristen as well for inviting me to be part of such a fantastic and fun chat!


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